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In addition to my own projects, I also take on commissions. Here are some of my commissioned works, as examples:

(Click on the pictures to see more details of these works!)

How does it work and what type of commission do I accept?

There is a playfulness involved in creating my commissions. The commissioner is often an important element in the creation of the work, almost a co-creator. 
The process depends on whether the commission is for the client personally or as a gift for a friend or loved one. I write more about this below.

- The first step, and the most important, is that I do not take on any commission that is strongly different from my style. The client can scroll through my portfolio and decide if they can imagine a painting on their wall with a similar feel to my previous paintings. I'm always up for a challenge, so I'm open to any other things not seen in my work before, but I won't take on a commission that is absolutely far from my oeuvre.

- The playfulness of the commission is that I let the commissioner participate in the planning of the painting.

If the painting is for them - I ask them to write a list of themselves for me.
If the painting is a gift for someone else - I ask for a list about that person.

What is on the list?
There is complete freedom here. Since my paintings are also done in a free-spirited way, with a preference for surrealism, I don't discriminate as to what is put on the list. The main thing is that it represents the person for whom the commission is made. What do they like? What are they afraid of? What are their favourite memories? The possibilities are long, the more twisted the descriptions, the more exciting the painting.

These descriptions are a great inspiration for me. Since my paintings contain a lot of elements, I hide the things from the list as small details all over the painting. I don't accept such lists that describe exactly what to paint and where to paint it, inch by inch. For me, the artist, artistic freedom is essential for the success of the creation.

The painting process always takes at least a month or two. The larger the commission, the longer the painting process can take. I can of course estimate this after discussing size etc. Please note that I cannot accept commissions with short deadlines.

If you are interested, feel free to write to me in the contact box on this website. You can write me in english, german and hungarian.
I will negotiate the price on request, after discussing size-delivery etc.

important information:

I am currently full of commission and own projects until the end of November in 2024. Please note that I am currently only available to start painting another project from December in 2024. The details can of course be discussed before that.

(My availability in this box is always updated.)

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